On September 19th, 2017 Mexico City was once again hit by a severe 7.1 earthquake, causing innumerable deaths, casualties; ripping off several populated areas of the city. Chhandayan collaborated with local nonprofit organization PRASAD de Mexico ( to present a benefit concert for the victims of the earthquake. The concert was held on October 8th, 6 pm at the Gran Salon of Four Seasons Hotel, Paseo de la Reforma 500. It featured a Tabla solo by Chhandayan's President Samir Chatterjee, with an opening act performed by Hollving Argaez (sitar) and Jorge Ramiro (tabla). Mr. Chatterjee addressed the 400 attendees with the following words: 

"Good evening, Friends,

I have come here in the midst of a lot pain inflicted upon us by Nature. Since the prehistoric times, whenever our species have been hit by such calamities, we have stood together to withstand, recover and continue.  That has been the key to the survival and progress of our species on this planet. My visit here is to reaffirm that bond of civilization.

I originated from a land called India, where human civilization sprang pretty much around the same time when it did here in Mexico. During this short visit I have felt deeply connected to every aspect of this land and society. I am truly overwhelmed. I am also overwhelmed with the hospitality and the abundance of love I have received from every individual I have come across. I express my sincere gratitude to all.

Since my initial attraction to Tabla, the two elements which have never ceased to fascinate me are the tonal and rhythmic beauties of the instrument. Its advanced drum-language forming into poetry and songs are capable of expressing a wide variety of human emotions, as an abstract and ambiguous mode. This evening I shall offer some of those emotions to the comfort and well-being of all."