Frequently Asked Questions


Admission or enrollment in all of our classes at all locations is open throughout the year, unless specified otherwise. Students are accepted from age 4. June marks the end of the academic year with a students’ recital. Intensive Summer classes are offered during July and August. Students are interviewed in person or over the phone before admission, during which the level of the student, if the admitted, is also determined.

Class structure

Group classes are offered in three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The size of each group class varies between 4 to 10 students. Group alocation is done usually based on student’s level of performance. Change of level is also done based on student’s achievement.


Once admitted, the student needs to register. A simple form for each specific subject is to be duly filled in and submitted along with advanced payment for the session. In case of joining in the middle of a session, payment will be calculated for the remaining of the session. If more than one person is registering from the same family, 10% discount on the second student and 15% on the third student’s tuition fee is offered. College students paying for their own tuition, may approach us for special discount, if needed. There is always a registration fee for every session.

For private lessons there is a one-time $10 registration fee. Tuition for each private lesson should be paid at the beginning of the lesson.

Payment can be made by cash, check or credit card. Check should be made out as instructed in the registration form. For credit card payment there is a 4% additional fee.

Advance payment for classes at the Chhandayan Center for Indian Music in NYC is valid for six months from the date of first lesson.

Cancellation and Absence

Chhandayan will not be responsible for cancellation of class due to natural or national disaster or emergency. If Chhandayan has to cancel a class due to any other reason, we will try to reschedule the class or offer an option for a make-up class. If a student is unable to commit to the rescheduled class, he or she will be credited for it. There will, however, be no credit after commitment. If the student is unable to attend a class, there is no refund, credit or make-up option.

Withdrawal and Refunds

The decision to withdraw from a group class needs to be communicated and confirmed within two days of the second class of the registered schedule. If only one class is attended and the withdrawal is confirmed, a refund less the cost of the first class is offered. If withdrawal is confirmed after attending the second class, 50% refund less the cost of two classes is offered. There is no refund for withdrawal after the third class from registration.

For Private lessons, our cancellation and refund policy is as follows :
100% refund, if cancelled 3 days prior to lesson time;
70 % refund, if cancelled 24 hours before lesson time;
no refund, if cancelled on the day of the lesson.


At the end of each academic year on the Graduation Day, which is also called Students’ Day, Chhandayan issues certificates to each participating student in the program. These certificates reflect the Students’ progress in their musical pursuit. The areas taken into consideration for these assessments are attendance, practice, knowledge of history and theory and performance.


It is customary to address the Guru as Guruji or by adding the suffix ‘ji’ to any part of the Guru’s name.
Facing the Guru with one’s feet is considered disrespectful in Indian culture. If one needs to stretch, please avoid directing your feet toward the Guru.
Please wear decent and suitable clothing in the class.
Always inform Chhandayan or the Guru in advance about absence.
Always come prepared with instruments (if needed), notebook and a small recording device (if allowed or advised by the Guru).
Practice daily for the duration as advised by the Guru.
Come to class 10 minutes early.