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Sitar / Tabla Concert Rishab Sharma, Sameer Gupta, Ehren Hanson, Rohan Misra

  • Chhandayan Center for Indian Music 4 West 43rd Street, #618 New York City, NY 10036 USA (map)

1st Set - Tabla Duet
Sameer Gupta - Tabla
Ehren Hanson - Tabla
Rohan Misra - Sarangi

2nd Set - Sitar Performance
Rishab Sharma - Sitar
Ehren Hanson - Tabla
Sameer Gupta - Tabla

Pre-purchased ticket sales are no longer available. However, you may purchase tickets at the door, they are $25 for regular tickets and $20 for student tickets.
Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Rishab Sharma

Rishab Sharma, born on September 17th 1998, is the fourth generation of the renowned 

Rikhi  Ram family of luthiers s?tarted playing the Sitar at the age of 10. Rishab's father, master  luthier  Sanjay  Sharma  (Rikhi  Ram),  was  his  first  Guru.  After  showing  great commitment to his instrument Rishab was introduced first time on stage in the year 2011  by  his  father.  Impressed  by  his  performance  Sitar  Maestro  Pt.  Ravi  Shankar, blessed  him  by  taking  him  under  his  guidance,  Rishab  became  Raviji’s  youngest disciple. After Pt. Ravi Shankar’s unfortunate demise, Rishab continued his Sitar training under Pt. Parimal Sadaphal, who is one of the most senior disciples of Pt. Ravi Shankar. Rishab  has  learned  from  great  maestros  such  as  Ustad  Amjad  Ali  Khan,  Ustad  Rais Khan, Pt. Arun Bharatram and more. Rishab incorporates modern music elements into his classical training. 

Rishab has also appeared on major TV shows and TV channels such as ‘Entertainment 

Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’, ‘Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz’, NDTV, Aaj Tak, DoorDarshan India and many more.

Sameer Gupta

Sameer Gupta is known as one of the few percussionists simultaneously representing the traditions of American jazz on drumset, and Indian classical music on tabla. He completed his Jazz studies and began his Indian Classical learning from his peers and on stage in San Francisco and Oakland as well as now Harlem and Brooklyn. His own interests and love of tabla brought him up through several local tabla teachers in Delhi and San Rafael, ultimately to the great maestro Pt Anindo Chatterjee, of whom he is now a dedicated disciple.

Today he lives in Brooklyn, NYC and is actively involved in performing, curating, producing and teaching through various institutions including Brooklyn Raga Massive, Ragas Live Festival, Outside (In)dia and much more.

Gupta continues to build his career by combining traditional and modern improvisational styles drawing from his dual Indian and American heritage, and has already established himself as an original musical voice in music today. From bebop to avant-garde jazz, and European classical percussion to North Indian classical tabla. Gupta continues to compose and perform music from a true multi-cultural perspective that now bridges several continents.

Ehren Hanson

Ehren Hanson is professional NYC based Tabla player, director of the Anindo Chatterjee School of Tabla, and the CEO and founder of He began learning tabla at age 15 under Misha Masud in New York City. In 2000, he became a disciple of Pandit Anindo Chatterjee. Ehren went on to teach rhythm as an assistant professor at Bard College in 2002, and in 2005 he received the Senior Performing Arts Fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies. He has accompanied great musicians including Pandit Debi Prasad Chatterjee, Pandit Subrata Roy Chaudhuri and Steve Gorn. Ehren is the director of the Anindo Chatterjee School of Tabla in Brooklyn, NY, and is an active performer and teacher.

Rohan Misra

Rohan Misra is a young promising musician, specialized in the unique Indian bowed instrument called the Sarangi. As the son and disciple of great Sarangi virtuoso Pandit Ramesh Misra, Rohan has inherited many of his father-Guru’s specialties, including tonal quality and aesthetic approach.

Rohan Started learning the Sarangi (translation: An instrument with a hundred colors) from his father at the age of six. His exposure to music since early childhood attracted him to learn other Indian instruments as well. He has been learning Tabla from the renowned maestro Samir Chatterjee. Rohan is also pursuing his education in western music, particularly focused on the Piano and Clarinet. Coming out of the family of nine generations of Sarangi players, Rohan aspires to be successful as the 10th generation in his lineage. He also wishes to further his musicality by blending certain aspects of western music into his emblem of Indian classical music and emerge with a unique musical expression.

Rohan has performed at the Carnegie Hall, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C., California and North Carolina. He has performed with luminaries such as Pt. Birju Maharaj, Smt. Kumudini Lakhia, Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, Samir Chatterjee, among others. He is on the faculty of Chhandayan Center for Indian Music in New York City.