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Kumar Bose Ensemble - Welcome Reception and Concert

  • Chhandayan Center for Indian Music 4 West 43rd Street, #618 New York, NY 10036 United States (map)

Vocal - Deborshee Bhattacharjee
Violin and Sitar Duet - Pallab Bandyopadhyay and Kalyanjit Das
Guitar - Kuntala Ray
Tabla - Kumar Bose and Chiranjit Mukherjee
Sarangi - Pankaj Mishra

For invited guests only
Dinner at the end of the concert

Kumar Bose

Pandit Kumar Bose, the legendary tabla maestro, was born into a musically endowed family of Kolkata.  He was initiated into the art of playing Tabla at a very early age by his father, the legendary Late Pandit Biswanath Bose and his mother, the Late Vidushi Bharati Bose, a disciple of the great Ustad Dabir Khan.  Later he came under the tutelage of the legend of the Benares School of Tabla, Pandit Kishan Maharaj.

Kumar Bose's genius is his ability to evolve a distinctive style of his own without diluting the sanctity of tradition with which he has been mesmerizing audiences all over the globe.  His intricacies on the Bayan (bass drum) have captured the hearts of both young and veterans alike.  He is just as facile in accompaniment as he is in solos, be it with vocal, instrumental, or dance.  He is been sought after as an accompaniest, both in India and internationally, by the entire community of top notch artistes like Pt. Ravi Shankar, Ustad Vilayat Khan, Ustad Imrat Khan, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Pt. Nikhil Banerjee, Pt. Birju Maharaj, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, and many more.

Kumar has more than 150 recording labels and has been the Assistant Music Director of the noted film maker Mrinal Sen's globally acclaimed film "Genesis" with music director Pt. Ravi Shankar.

His journey started with his initial public performances in 1960 with legendary musicians like Shri Gokul Chandra Nag, Shri Shyam Ganguly, Smt. Angur Bala Devi, Pt. Hanumanji Mishra, Pt. V. G. Jog, Pt. Siaram Tiwari, Pt. Vijay Raghav Rao and others.  He feels that he still has a long way to go in his musical journey.

Deborshee Bhattacharjee

The diversity of his music reflects in his albums where he has performed in different genres of music like Ghazal, Sufi, Bhajan, Bengali songs, etc. He is currently a senior Musician Scholar of ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, and is an ‘A’ graded artist of All India Radio.  He is a regular performer in television and an empaneled artist of ICCR, Government of India. He has been a prolific performer from the age of 10 when he made his debut at Sisirmancha, Kolkata. A regular stage performer since, gathering acclaim from listeners across the globe.

Some of his noted performances:
1. Performed at the prestigious concert in Dhaka, Bangladesh organized by Bengal Foundation & ITC SRA along with many other stalwart musicians.
2. Performed at Madison Square Garden in the prestigious NABC & also for Raagmala, Toronto, both in 2016.
3. Dr. Vasant Rao Deshpande Smriti Samaroh, Nagpur and quite a few times for the prestigious Bhavan's Cultural Center, Mumbai
4. Extensively toured Shanghai, China recently for some prestigious concerts there.
5. ITC SRA Sangeet Sammelan, Kolkata and Mangaldeep Sammelans organized by ITC SRA at Goa, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Silchar, Agartala and Varanasi.

Pallab Bandyopadhay

Pallab Bandyopadhay is a disciple of the late music maestro Padma Bhusan Pandit V.G. Jog and studied with him for 20 years. He has been a performing artist with All India Radio in Kolkata and Doordarshan for the for the last 18 years and is ranked as B-High grade artist in Classical instrumental music (Violin). He has given international music tours in Great Britain, Germany, France, Belgium, and Bangladesh.

He has an M.A. in Instrumental Music from the Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata with Honors as well as a B.A. from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata.  He has 15 years experience of teaching School Children in the field of Hindustani Classical Music.  He is the founder and teaches at The Heritage School, Kolkata and has been working there for the past 12 years.  He also is a visiting Teacher of violin at the South Point School in Kolkata and is the former Head of the Department of Music at The Lowrence School, Sanawar, Dt. Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India (1996-2000).


Kalyanjit Das

Born in a highly enriched musical family of Kolkata, Kalyanjit is one of the brightest young sitarists in the field of Indian Classical Music. His music primarily signifies the ‘Senia Maihar Gharana’ style of playing. Maintaining the true heritage of Hindustani Classical Music, his aesthetical approach along with resonant power and delicate intricacies with the rhythm naturally captivate the listener.

Kalyanjit represents the fourth generation of his family as a Musician. His great-grandfather Late Shri Bimal Chandra Das was an ‘Esraj’ player. His grandfather Late Shri Sailen Das learnt Sitar from Late Pt.Laxman Bhattacharya of the ‘Bishnupur Gharana’ and then from Late Pt.Ravi Shankar. His father, one of the greatest Sitar maestros across the globe, Pt.Kushal Das learnt from Late Shri Sailen Das, Shri Santanu Das (Pt. Das’s Uncle), Pt. Sanjoy Banerjee, Late Pt. Ajoy Sinha Roy, Late Pt. Manas Chakraborty and Late Pt. Ramkrishna Basu. Kalyanjit’s maternal grandfather Late Shri Jugal Kishore Sarkar was an established tabla maestro, one of the senior students of Late Ud. Keramatullah Khan.

Kalyanjit started learning the sitar at the age of three under the guidance of his father Pt.Kushal Das, and continues his rigorous and intensive talim under him. Kalyanjit also receives training in advance sitar techniques and art of music-making from Pt.Sanjoy Bandopadhyay. His mother  Smt. Sujata Das initiated him in vocal training at a young age and now he  also receives guidance from Ud.Rashid Khan as well. He is cared about the different Talas, Layas & their variations by Sri Biplab Bhattacharya, Pt. Subhankar Banerjee, & the famous Tabla Wizard Pt. Shankar Ghosh.

Kalyanjit started playing solo concerts from a young age and has also performed duet-sitar recitals with his father Pt. Kushal Das in India as well as abroad, some of which include RKM, Golpark, Shakhri Begum Memorial Trust, Kalashree Music Circle, Sangeet Piyasi, Ballygunge Maitreyee Circle,  Shrutinandan, Sangeet Ashram, Live In India, Moore Avenue Music Conference in Kolkata, ITC-SRA Festival at Nazrul Kala Kshetre in Agartala), NCBS and SAPTHAK in Bengaluru, Raga Tapasya Festival in Pondicherry), 'Sitar Festival' at Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and The Nehru Center in London, Raga Spirit Festival in Los Angeles and MERU in Seelisberg, Switzerland)

Kalyanjit has been fortunate to perform with eminent Tabla maestros Pt. Swapan Choudhury, Pt. Kumar Bose, Pt.Arup Chatterjee,  Pt. Subhankar Banerjee, Pt.Parimal Chakraborty, Pt.Abhijit Banerjee and has a private album “ETHNIC...A Tribute to Pt. Ravi Shankar” with Pt. Kumar Bose.

Kalyanjit stood 1st in the All India Radio Music Competition in 2013 and was invited to perform at NCPA(Mumbai) & was honored the "Ravi Koppikar Memorial Award" by The International Foundation for Fine Arts.

He is a "B-High" musician of All India Radio & Doordarshan. He has received the prestigious Jnana Pravaha Scholarship in 2012. In 2014, Kalyanjit received the National (Senior) Scholarship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. Kalyanjit has toured extensively in France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, UK and USA.

Kuntala Ray

Kuntala Ray is the only female instrumentalist of India who has equal knowledge and efficiency in playing Indian Classical Guitar and Hansa Veena,. She hails from a family of musicians and inherited musical talent from her mother, the Late Maya Maitra. She started her carrier in music in guitar under Sri Uttam Chakrabarty, a renowned Guitar player of Bengal. Her passion for Guitar and her rendering of light music on Hawaiian slide Guitar fetched her fame among music lovers.

She started learning classical guitar from Pt. Barun Kumar Pal. Subsequently she became the disciple of Pt Soumitra Lahiri, an eminent sitarist of India, of “Visnupur Gharana”.  She is continuing her lessons under Pt Lahiri. She is also taking special talim from the eminent table player of this genre Pt. Subhankar Banerjee.

A proficient teacher of mathematics, Kuntala had attended several "Guru Sishya Parampara" workshops of Indian Classical Music at Kolkata and Delhi.

Taking the responsibility of exposing her true 'talim', Kuntala plays in the most traditional form of rendering a Raga. Her aesthetic way of unfolding a Raga is very much reflected on the listener’s mind because of her good control on the instrument and sound knowledge of Ragas.

As her fame has spread, she has been playing to audiences in various concerts in India and abroad that have been well acclaimed. She has performed in many prestigious festivals, such as the Salt Lake Cultural Association, Darbur Music Circle and Sangeet Priya Samsadin Kolkata, Sri Aurobindo Ashram and India International Center in Delhi, University of North Carolina, Chhandayan Center for Indian Music in New York, Hindu Cultural Center of Nashville and International Center for Culture, Oslo, Norway

Chiranjit Mukherjee

Chiranjit Mukherjee is a well known name in the field of Indian Classical Music. He was born in the year 1984 in a family full of music admirers. His grandfather was a connoisseur of traditional Hindusthani Classical Music. His passion was infused in Chiranjit from the very childhood and his initial training in Tabla was started under the guidance of his first Guru Shri Sailesh Kumar Chakraborty. His parents encouraged him to take pleasure in the learning progression of Tabla. Gradually his inclination towards music increased and he devoted himself into the world of cadence. The thirst for the knowledge and passion for the music followed by the sense of belongingness with the tradition made him search the roots and branches of Indian Classical Music.

Chiranjit is acknowledged for his illustrious and robust performance in the style of Benares Gharana. He is a disciple of the living legend of the Benaras gharana, Pandit Kumar Bose, who has recognized Chiranjit as his disciple for the last 12 years. He has spread the magic of rhythm with his sharp finger strokes and musical execution of a percussion instrument. Blessed by his Gurus and admired by the listeners Chiranjit is now a name to reckon with.  His sincerity reflected in his academic performances when he was bestowed with the honor, First class first in his graduation and post graduation from the esteemed Rabindra Bharati University. He is able to inscribe his impression in the heart of music lovers with his dynamic solo performances as well as sagacious accompaniment.

An erudite performer of his generation Chiranjit blends the mood and music with proficiency. His extensive research and resourceful imagination helps him to stand diverse on stage. He adopted the philosophy of his Guru Pandit Kumar Bose and believes in candid exhibition of competence. He has received many scholarships for advancement in his studies. Some of his memorable performances were at the London Art In Action Festival in 2008, SIFAS Music Festival in Singapore, Woodford Folk Festival in Australia, India International Center in New Delhi and Laya Project Concert in Chennai.

Pankaj Mishra

Born into an exceptional Musician-lineage.Being the son of Shri Satya Narayan Mishra, Great Grand Son of  Sarangi virtuoso Late Pt. Saraju Prasad Mishra and Grand Son of Late Pt. Mahadeo Prasad Mishra.He was trained from an early age by the renowned  Sarangi Player of Banaras Gharana late Pt. Mahesh Prasad Mishra.

Pankaj created a distinct style of playing & has performed both as a SOLO  artist and accompanist at several prestigious events in India,including the Dover Lane Music Conference, ITC Festival , Indo Occidental Symbiosis, Swar Samrat  Festival, The Salt Lake Music Festival Etc. He has toured extensively in All over USA, Canada, several countries of Europe, Japan, Bangladesh and more. He has performed at various programs in abroad including the Ali Akbar Music College in San Rafael, California & Basel -Switzerland, Raagmala organization (Edmonton- Canada), Deutsche Welle and WDR (German Radio & Television), The Indian Embassy concert ( Berlin & Austria), The Gandharva Music Festival in Netherlands and Asia festival in Spain. He has performed at many univercities in USA like UCLA, UCSD, CSULA in CA, UTSA in Texas and at CalArts in California under Ustad  Ashish Khan”s Ensemble. Many more are in the list.

He has also established a school for Indian Classical Music in Germany from the year 2002,He has accompanied with & under such Highly regarded Tabla players like late Pt. Shyamal Bose, Pt. Swapan Chaudhury, Pt. Sankha Chatterjee, Pt. Aninda Chatterjee, Pt. Kumar Bose, Ustad Sabir Khan,,Pt.Samar Saha,Shri Subhankar Banerjee,Ustad Tari Khan  &  Many more on the list…Vocalist like Vidushi Girija Devi, Vidushi Purnima Chaudhury,Pt. Dinanath Mishra,Kathak Exponents like Pt.Birju Maharaj,Pt Rammohan Maharaj,Pt.Vijay Shankar,Ghazal Maestro Ghulam Ali & Sabri Brother”s of Pakistan,more on list….

Pankaj is a “A GRADE “ sarangi player at All India Radio & Television Kolkata. He performs for many Films & Serials (Hindi/Bengali). He has numerous Cd”s As Solo & Accompanist in the music field, like with Pt. Sankha Chatterjee, Pt. Anindo Chatterjee, Ustad Sabir Khan, Late Bidushi Purnima Chowdhury and many more on the list.

He was also awarded the First position in Sarangi playing from State Music academy (West Bengal under Pt. Arun Bhaduri ). Awarded as Naad Brahma award by Pt.Damodar Mishra institute Varanasi & Kolkata.