Chhandayan has been involved in the musical revival of Afghanistan. The deepest wound of any calamity is always in the human mind. People lose faith, trust and hope. The boundless beauty of life becomes an oblique perception. That is the situation now in Afghanistan. It is far beyond the material problems as projected by the media. Music, throughout the ages, has helped humanity in restoring inner balance and peace, but, at the same time, art and culture have always suffered in situations of political and natural turmoil.

Chhandayan is taking endeavors to bring some of the shared musical tradition from outside back to Afghanistan so that its own culture can soon revive. This daunting task includes working with local authorities to recruit teachers and in collecting resources such as instruments, books and recorded music. We are also working with them in the adoption of the musically inclined orphans out of 1.6 million who are waiting to see some positive ray of life. What can be said can always be done, but what can be done cannot always be said.

All of our activities in Afghanistan need financial support from individuals as well as organizations. Your generous support will enable us to do much more than we are capable of doing at present.